Strictly Orthodontics

As part of my resume package, I wanted to include something strictly for for orthodontists, practice owners, lab owners, and suppliers.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, I was a lab owner and founder of national association to help other labs and practices adapt to the neww technology. In collaboration with graphic artists and designers, I created B2B and B2C materials.

I utilized social media and became one a priemier contributor on Quorum to answer questions by patients, sticking to my expertise and referring when it was beyond it. A long time time ago, I learned it is important to know what you know but even more important to know what you don’t.

Christopher Gajewski
433 Laurel Avenue
Aldan, PA 19018

Collateral Materials

For this website, all copy, videos, photography and updates were done by me. For the original design, I collaborated with Graphic Designer, Georgette Klotz.

Business Website

I collaborated with BTC Marketing for the design of the website and all collateral marketing materials. I produced all of the copy.

Orthodontic Resource Group

I launched the original non-profit, The Association of Orthodontic Professionals (AOLP) in 2017 but it was later renamed. I supplied much of the original copy, collaborated with BTC Marketing for the collateral materials, and produced the original conference programs as well as zero issue for a quarterly magazine.


When the technological tsunami swamped my industry, I began writing blog posts. I reached out to other labs, practices and companies to help them make the transition.


Journal of Day to Day Orthodontics

A Zero Issue I began putting together with the help of Heidi Karl of zTwelve. The proposed quarterly magazine, published in conjunction with my association, would target labs and orthodontic practices.


Zero Issue Article List:

Article List

AOLP Conference Program

This is not my best work but I am proud of it. Two weeks before the conference, we had three sponsors and a four page program. By the day of the conference, we had 11 sponsors and a 36-page magazine.

While working 12 hour days at my lab and preparing for the conference, I wrote all of the copy for the magzine.


Journal of Dental Technology

2020 Hot List. I was honored to be named “The Educator.”

Which led to the inevitable joke: “Who’s your hottie now?”

CG JDT_1_20

The Digital Lab Guy

My first foray into YouTube and videos. The training manuals that came with the new technology were awful. They did not teach anything. I began making simple videos for other labs and my clients to help ease them into the new digital world.

First Lecture

In 2015, I was invited by the Dental Laboratory Association of Texas (DLAT) to present a two hour lecture on the advances in orthodontic laboratories. This is the video of the lecture. The transcript can be found in the AOLP Conference Program above.

Voices from the Bench

I was interviewed on this industry podcast.


Episode 98: A Clear Vision on Ortho: Christopher Gajewski with the AOLP

Articles and Blog Posts

A Few Words About Retention and Relapse

It seems like every time I mention what I do for a living, I hear stories from half the people around me about how they had orthodontic treatment and have since relapsed, most back to the point where it was as if they never had braces. The fact is long term...