Part 12: The Rubber Band Effect (Part 3 of 3)

One last dip through the south. In my effort to travel to all 50 states, the judges ruled that my walk to Arkansas did not count. I through my challenge flag. The ruling was upheld. I’m glad it was as I went down into Little Rock to see the waterfront and a spot along The Trail of Tears.

Then, with fall threatening, I began making my way on my final trip north. Old friends awaited me in the oddest and most beautiful of places, small towns in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Then, the surprise. Did you know Wisconsin does not touch Canada? I never did. I traveled through Green Bay and north around Lake Michigan.

Then it was time for the final run south and east, with a little detour to see Notre Dame. I was soon traveling along roads I had traveled hundreds of time and then I was back in a hotel outside of Philly. I was home. Realizing it was not home anymore.