Part Four: Ghosting Through the South

With the Mississippi River before me and the west awaiting me, I tuned back east. There were some things I needed to do. Some things that were waiting for me. I felt the pull of a young man’s ghost.

From Memphis, I drove southeast through Mississippi and Alabama. I went to a small suburb NE of Atlanta, Alpharetta. Resting in a nice little village, I did some thinking, remembering, and started to follow where the young man’s ghost was leading me. A tale of two decisions: Ft. Benning, Georgia and Miami.

I returned to Ft. Benning where I had not been since 1989. From there, it was down south into Florida. Family, old friends and new friends awaited me. I meant to go back to Miami as well but a hurricane decided to ramp up so I headed out and away back north and then west to New Orleans. Bourbon Street.

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