This was one of the ideas from the beginning: a visual journey through Covid America. Create a Coffee Table book. I took thousands of photos during my 152 days on the road. The plan was to use short editorials with what I thought to be the best of the photos I took. Then, reality set in–I hate it when that happens.

My skill set has never included photography, photo editing, or design and layout. Once I started looking into it, I realized I was like a six year old sitting it on an astrophysics class. I also found out the cost to produce it and print it. About $50 per book is my break even point, and that was after I got the passing grade in the astrophysics class. So, I decided to do this instead.

When preparing for the photo book project that would never happen, I did go through all of the photos, section by section, date by date, and place by place, picking out what I felt were the best that captured it. With the book for sale, a free eBook companion available, and relearning how to update my website, I thought I would do something. This is the result.

It is the best I got. Lol. I hope you enjoy.

Foreword: The Beginning of the Pandemic and Stay at Home in Memes. No more words necessary: I think they speak for themselves.