Athens and Milos You can’t go to Hawai’i every vacation (why not?) so we were looking for someplace else. Some guy that I kind of new through work from Facebook lived in Athens. He said to come and visit him. Why not? Wow! First, he treats us like family. Sokratis and his wife take us out and show us the town, and then they get us the hell out of town. Their advice, which we took was “you must see Athens and spend a couple days and then you get out of Athens and spend the rest of your time on an island. Their recommendation: Milos, where his wife was from. It was all just amazing. First, seeing all of the things I grew up reading about in Greek mythology. The Temple of Athena, The Temple of Zeus, a very nice bus ride about an hour away to the Temple of Poseidon, and, of course, the Parthenon (The Rock as they call it.) Then, about a 45 minute flight to paradise, the island of Milos. Water so clear and so blue you could see to the bottom at a couple hundred yards. We took two boat trips around the island, a must if you go. It’s just amazing. I might even organize and explain some of these pictures at some point.

Milos [wpvideo rHvYt8Nt]

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