Let's Get Naked About Mental Health!

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This is an authentic, uninhibited journey into my secret world–that I guess is not so secret now. I just want people to know that they are not alone and that there are people who do understand. I was able to hide everything so well that nobody ever saw the life of quiet desperation I was living. Trauma, Major Depression, PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, isolation, fear, stigma, suicide and the inability to communicate it with those I loved.

You are not alone.

I am not alone.


Latest Episode

Something About Hope

In this episode, I’ll be getting away from the depressing stuff. I think I did my part for Suicide Awareness Month, but I am going to move away from it a bit and talk about something that caught up to me a little while ago: hope.



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Introduction to the Podcast

Putting a face with the voice. A short introduction video explaining a few things about me: the cap, aloha, and nakedness. No, there is no nudity in the video.

Let’s Get Naked About Supporting the Podcast!

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The First “First” Episode

The inspration for my podcast came from another podcast where I was interviewed about my new book. Leo Flowers, host of “Before You Kill Yourself!,” knew the secret behind my book and jumped right in with the big reveal coming first. We discussed suicide, boundaries (or lack thereof), depression and few other issues. I think I mentioned my book once or twice. He threw me into the deep end of the pool and then jumped in and we did laps as we discussed mental health issues.


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On the Lighter Side of Things

The podcast and column are where I dive into deeper topics, serious issues. But I continually step out, dry off, and enjoy life. I share that side of me on Facebook and Instagram. Have you ever read the meme about how not to pay attention to people’s lives on Facebook because they only post the good stuff? That’s not me. I post everything. Never politics or serious issues. The adventures and the misadventures and the stupid things I do that lead to the misadventures. I always say that you can say what you want about me –and people do– but you can’t say I’m not entertaining. You are welcome to follow along for the lighter side of things.