Struggling in Lockdown

“Struggling in Lockdown” is Part One of the book.

Part One is where I struggled the most in writing the book, only second to the final part. I hadn’t hit my stride yet, gotten my rhythm. Rewriting it for the book was difficult, trying to piece together columns, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts. This part of the visual journey is a reflection of that. It was much like the pictures of my packed car: a jumbled mess.

I can’t get to part three, where I slowly began to hit my stride and find my rhythm, without posting this part. So here you have it. Struggling in lockdown, a short test trip up through the NE on a beer run, my time in an empty home as a foster to kittens, some flashbacks to the previous year, and saying good bye to my home.

The most important takeaways for me? As I wrote in the book, during those last few months, a house became a home. I became a willing caretaker instead of a chore doer and it being a place to sleep in between shifts at work. I dove into my craft of writing again. I did not find anchors before I set myself adrift on the current; I realized they were already there.

There are flashbacks throughout the book but here is where they are most prominent, most from the previous year as I began to dip my toes into the ocean that was America.