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Includes Over 70 Full Color Photos

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world like a tsunami, uprooting the anchors that create our identities. With his marriage in shambles, Christopher Gajewski was already adrift. He had sold his business, listed his house, and planned to take refuge overseas—from what his friends and family called a midlife crisis.

The lockdown changed everything. Upset that the world’s existential dilemma was interfering with his own, he finally shook free of the Covid hibernation and set off across America…and into himself. Instead of diving into the Adriatic surf, he plunged into a unique and sleeping America. This book is a chronicle of that odyssey: 152 days on the road, to all 50 states, almost 40,000 miles, and lots of coffee as he wandered into America and himself.

“Beautifully written memoir takes us into a personal and cultural journey! The author connects his personal struggle with depression to the broader Covid American landscape. It’s an inspiring journey and one many of us will relate to!”
– Myra Mendible, Professor,
Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

“Amazing perspective: The author has given a deep dive into his journey across America during a time of worldwide crisis and personal search for hope.”
– Amazon Reviewer

eBook: $8.99

Paperback: $17.99

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It’s official! For Mental Health Awareness Month, I renamed, expanded, and republished my book. It is now available on Amazon and through my websites.

It is the collected transcripts of the podcast to date, with a Foreword, Introduction and some editing. A hardcover will be available soon. An audio book will be coming along. Yes, an audio book of the transcripts of a podcast. 🙂

I’d like my $2, but the eBook will be available free for the last five days of the month. It is some kind of special that they run on Amazon. Really, I am trying to find a way to make it available for free here on the website. It may not be the best business decision, but that’s not really the point. The point is the same as the website, the podcast, and this blog: to spread awareness and help others who may be struggling or help those with loved ones understand them better.

Be kind to yourself.



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