Part 10: The Rubber Band Effect (1 of 3)

After Alaska, I felt the pull. Seattle was smoke free when I returned but i felt like there was a rubber band in my mind stretched as far as it could go without snapping. I started east to relieve some of the tension.

Back through Washington but southerly to southern Idaho and Twin Sisters. I felt the pull east. But I had missed an entire state! And Mom mentioned she would like to see Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, so I was off again to race south through the Nevada desert. A swing around Las Vegas and I was at Zion National Park, then Vermilion National Monument and things got really confusing. Two national parks, three states, and a few different time zones will do that to you.

Arizona! Sedona, Winslow and then up through The Navajo Nation back to Moab. Then north again to hit Wyoming.

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