2017. Iceland, late July.

What a beautiful country! It is an amazing land. It is waterfalls and mountains, glaciers and hot baths, cliffs and icebergs and long hikes. We took the seven day drive around the island that sits on a fault line between two plates. It was unusually warm when we arrived, mid 70’s. Summers hover around 65 and winters are not really that bad, warmer than Philadelphia actually.

I would put the names of things but I can’t even pronounce them let alone spell them. Icelandic is one of the oldest spoken languages, a form of ancient Norwegian. If you are looking for luch and tropical and dry, it is not for you. If you are looking for amazing vistas and long soaks in geothermal baths, you have found the right place.

Iceland 2017. Yes, the cap is a constant.

[wpvideo VNatJEMX]

On the boat. It gets COLD!

The customary and necessary Blue Lagoon mud bath picture

Some guy. Nice guy.

The Western Cliffs

The northern non touristy hot spring, all natural

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