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I am not a videographer! I’m really not much of a photographer. Any and all “good photos” were taken completely by accident. When I first started out, I really wasn’t thinking visually. I’m a writer. I think I got a little better as things went along? During my odyssey, though, I did take a few videos and I started playing around with iMovie.

I thought I would share them here for anybody that might be interested. I put the last one first as sort of a wrap but then the rest are kind of in order. Aye, it is the best I got.

That’s a Wrap!

Coming at you live from Hapuna Beach on the Big Island of Hawai’i! –am I sounding dramatic?

Anyway, here is the final video of the series. All 50 staes, 152 days on the road, almost 40,000 miles and one final cup of coffee.

First official video of Travels with Coffee

How I screwed up the test run

22 Pushups for 22 vets lost each day to suicide

Fort Benning, Georgia

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

The Road to (and from) Moab, Utah

All my maps were telling me to take 70 to 191. Benny advised me otherwise, 128 off of 70. At first, passing through Cisco, I thought I owed Ben money. Then, Utah revealed its treasures for one of the best drives of my trip.

Arches National Park

Moab, Utah

I had some fun with this one. Where’s the coffee? Where the hell is the path? Yes, I got lost. Papa Bear was absolutely no help at all when I called him (I still had cell phone coverage): “Order a pizza; they’ll find you.”

Then, I had a vistor waiting for me when I finally made it back to my car.

From Coast to Coast

Just a short little video with my toes dipped in the Pacific Ocean. About a five day, 3,000 journey turned into about 50 days and 20,000 miles. After the video, I found a nice little pub with a good pour of Guiness.

La Jolla Cove

San Diego, CA. A very short video but one of my favorites. I caught pups at play.

Redwoods and Cape Falcon Trail

This is just a few short clips I strung together on the Redwood Forest, Cape Falcom Trail and Short Sand Beach

A Whole Lotta Nothing

I guess you had to be there? Orca wacthing in Anacortes, WA. Yes, that’s smoke in the background. The state was on fire. Trying to catch good clips of the orca pod was difficult to say the least.

The First Hike in Alaska: Byron Glacier!

…but not my first adventure. There was finding my suitcase at the airport that was right in front of me, the two trips to Cabelas to replace things I had left in Seattle, the long drive to the wrong hotel I chose, the first attempt I made to Byron Glacier and then rerouting due to rain to get to get to Whittier Sound, the third trip I made to Cabelas to get rain gear that I never ended using…

But my journey into the Final Frontier finally began.

Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center

Did I mention I am NOT a videographer? This is just some clips and pictures I strung together at the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center, about 20 minutes south of Anchorage. I thought it would be a good way to see wildlife without the possibility of, well, death.

The conservation center takes in orphaned and injured animals, rehabiltaes them, and then reintroduces them back into the wild.

Chena Hot Springs

From Fairbanks Alaska: Chena Hot Springs. After a disastrous attempt to get to the natural hot springs, and seriously considering driving to the Arctic Circle, I went to the touristy Chena Hot Springs. It was a wonderful way to end the northern adventure.

Close Encounters at Zion National Park

First I saw him and was checking him out, and then he returned the favor. I was fine–there was a woman in front of me and she would have been taken out first.

Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

Yes, I got lost. You would have as well! GPS told me to go that way and the road was named “Vermilion Cliffs National Monument Scenic Road.” It is a little known National Park in Utah and Arizona, home of “The Wave.” I never saw The Wave–only 20 passes are issued each day based upon a lottery system.

Prairie Dog Town

Badlands, South Dakota

Bison, NOT Buffalo

Badlands, South Dakota

Hot Springs, South Dakota

Outside Zion National Park

Up and Down: Butte Mesa, South Dakota

As hard as getting up was, I had no idea how to get down. I sort of got lost. On top of a mesa. It’s easier than it sounds. If some kids hadn’t come along, I might still be up there.

In Search of Aloha, Part One

After driving back across the country, I flew out from Seattle to the Big Island of Hawai’i. This is just a short clip of my arrival and my Airbnb. Away from my normal stays, I found a beautful poolhouse.

In Search of Aloha, Part Two

Some sights from the Big Island of Hawai’i: Pololu Valley (There’s dinosaurs in there somewhere), Akaka Falls, and Rainbow Falls. I experienced some technical difficulties. I screwed up and hit a slow motion button but it’s the only video I got.

Aloha Found

The last in the series. Aloha found, for a moment or two. The actual road to Papalokea Beach and then the beach Itself.

Brought to by the pandemic and a midlife crisis. Book, eBook and Audio book will soon be available.

152 Days on the road, all 50 states, almost 40,ooo miles and lots of coffee. Lots and lots and lots of coffee.

Disconnected: An Odyssey Through Covid America