Part Five: Beyond the Mighty Mississippi

From New Orleans, I sped across Louisiana into Texas. The drive itself was interesting. Louisiana is all raised highways with cities with French names. Texas was flat with the first cities Orange and Beaumont. And Texas was big! the first exit was 880! –exists count down east to west.

I wandered through Texas after visiting some incredible old friends in Austin and then made my up to Oklahoma, across Texas again, and into New Mexico where I stayed at one of the best hotels I stayed at during my entire trip.

North from there into Colorado where I continued my one man University of Miami Reunion Tour to meet one of my oldest friends, Ben Diamond. I had to make a detour. The state was kind of on fire, with the main east-west corridor shut down. It was the most epic drive of my entire trip. But I finally made it to Snowmass, just north of Aspen.

“Can I leave my stuff in my car,” I asked him when I pulled up to his home.

“You can leave your cash and wallet on the front seat, in the open, with the doors unlocked and they will be perfectly fine. Just don’t leave any food. The bears know how to open doors.”

PS. Technical difficulties. I still haven’t figured out how to caption the pictures. Well, I have but only in the “gallery” format which I don’t like. I’m still trying to figure out how to place captions in the “tiled gallery.” It’s hard being me sometimes.