I take my podcast live for the first time.

Episode 13: Make a Right at Philly


In this episode, a post on LinkedIn from a mental health professional on teletherapy triggered me. Objectively, I could understand her point of view. The SW Philly boy read, “Let them eat cake.”

“Let them eat cake,” wrongly attributed to Marie Antoinette, “…is taken to reflect a princess’s frivolous disregard for the starving peasants or her poor understanding of their plight.”

So, I’ll eat some cake, sip some coffee, and discuss the mental health care system from…I want to say the peasant’s point of view. And I guess I just did. Aye, I am from SW Philly.

But I’ll also be discussing things that we can do, that I do, to help ourselves.

There will be a Q&A following the episode. If I did this right. It is my first time going live, so bear with me. Hope to see you there!