Hello All,

It’s been a busy couple of months. Four or five now? What month is it?

Anyway, I finished one of my projects and it is now available on Amazon. The ePub is available free for the last five days of Mental Health Awareness Month, now through the 31st.

I invite you to check it out, share, and remember: reviews on Amazon are pure gold.

“A Walk in My Shoes: A Journey Into Depression” is the collected transcripts of my podcast, with a little bit of editing and some extra front of book material.

From the back of the book:

“After almost taking my life, I decided to start talking and keep talking. It’s a long story, all contained in my podcast and website–and now in this book.

After 51 years, I decided to stop living a life of quiet desperation. I chose to live it out loud, and maybe help others do the same. So, I started talking and ask others to do the same. –and start listening. 

I want to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health as I discuss my journey with authenticity and compassion. And even some humor. Depression, anxiety, PTSD and the effects of childhood trauma are so misunderstood, by both people struggling and their loved ones. I attempt to shed some light on the topics, articulate what others might find difficult to express. 

As I say in my podcast, I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist or any profession that ends in -ist. I am just a guy who has been there and may be there now. I’m still not doing it right, but I am finally on the right path.

 You are welcome to follow along on my journey, walk in my shoes if you will.”

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