Hello Everybody.

I know there are some who do not follow or have Facebook so I just thought I’d update you about a few new things on the website.

First: the Video Companion to my book is finished! –unless my OCD kicks in and I start thinking about stringing everything together. For now, it is 21 short videos taken during my journey across America.

I wasn’t thinking visually so didn’t remember to take many videos. But I think I have some interesting ones, some funny ones, and, despite some technical difficulties, I think some didn’t come out too bad. But they are all short. I started playing around with iMovie and put some together into longer clips.

You can find them here:

As I warn on the page: I am not a vidographer, or even much of a photographer, so any and all good videos and photos were taken by accident. I keep them light and funny. Or silent. I think they reveal some things that words just cannot. It is like the last one I did, the hike to Papalokea Beach. I am walking through “ruts” in the road that are as deep as I am tall.

I am hard at work on the very last final copy of my book. Disconnected: An Odyssey Through Covid America. I am actually working with a real editor who is making me rethink and relearn what it means to be a writer and it is coming out fantastic. I am excited for the final version. It should be out in about a month (?) when I’ll then tackle another project: an audio version of the book.

My podcast is going strong, with episode 6 recording tonight. The page for the podcast is finished, along with a couple child pages. Well, it is as finished as it will be for the time being. I’m happy with the results. You can find it here:

I’m just working on creating content now, writing, editing, and practcing my social media marketing skills. I’m making videos on Facebook and Instagram!

The biggest change is in me. The website is undergoing transformations but I am going through a larger transformation. For months, I couldn’t figure out why I was waking up so early. Today it was 4:30. The normal is 5:30 to 6:00. I go to bed at about 10. It finally hit me the other week: I’m excited about waking up each day.

I’m like the kid on Christmas Morning, sneaking down to check out what Santa has left and then waiting for my parents to wake up so I can dive in.

My 8 hours still call me. I usually work until about 8, when the sun in my “office” starts making it’s pass overhead making it impossible to work on the computer. I’ll go back to bed until about 11 or 12, when shade rtakes the courtyard. But I am waking up with hope every morning and it gets me to me to start the coffee maker, set up outside, and start writing.

So I just thought I’d say “good morning” while the coffee kicks in enough for me to concentration enough to start on the serious writing and editing.


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