Hello from Tijuana! Where I am literally still here. Trapped. Stranded. But really enjoying the beautiful weather. You really don’t want to know what the weather is like here. I was supposed in be in Minnesota by now, in my home, but, well, it’s a long story.

I know: where the hell have I been? Here in Tijuana. Another long story. Work, searching for work, broken ankle, rescue dog who broke my ankle and rescued me, and I have been at https://friendsofgina.com/

Friends of Gina has been my new project while I hunt for a job and recover. I am up to episode 24 now on my podcast. I moved it away from here, but the subject matter is completely different with its own personality. You are welcome to subscribe and follow along there as well.

Much of my efforts have been towards spreading awareness to combat the stigmas and misunderstand in regards to depression and other mental health issues. As part of that effort, I put together a book of the transcripts of episodes 1-22 of my podcast. Because I clicked the wrong thing, and because I am still struggling with finding the right self-publisher, the book has two titles and is not available to global distributors until the 27th.

You can find more info about the book here:

I do believe I am exactly where I need to be when I need to be here. Tijuana has been an experience in and of itself and I have learned a lot.

With the broken ankle, I really got into videos. I keep them separate as well. Coffee Chronicles videos (The Chris Chronicles) is more on the lighter and fun side. You can find them all here:


I am excited about what comes next. –I haven’t been able to say that for a while. I have a purpose and direction. It is ironic because it is where I meant to go back in 1997 when I graduated college, but I got kind of sidetracked. Another long story.

I am looking for work doing anything at this point, but I am concentrating my efforts on mental health advocacy and communications. Who knows? I might be going back to college eventually for my Master’s and maybe Ph.D. in psychology.

After I get done the editing on my original book, “Disconnected: An Odyssey Through Covid America,” I’ll be back to work on this website, attempting to organize it a little better and do a side feature about a gringo in Tijuana.

But I hope everybody has been well, healthy, happy and are enjoying their holiday season. I am sipping on my coffee as I wait for something to happen that will allow me to make the move up to Minnesota. I’m ready for winter. Dani, my dog, will adapt. Aye, if she can learn to unlock and open doors as she did here, a bit of cold weather is nothing.

Smart dog. Mexican, but I swear she is fluent in Spanish, English, Russian and Arabic but just chooses to ignore me when she feels like it. It is much like having a mouthy teenage daughter.

There are videos about that.