With the help of @Kaleoofficial a brief foray into a road trip that spanned 152 days, close to 40,000 miles, all 50 states and lots of coffee. I wandered through America and into myself.

“Beautifully written memoir takes us into a personal and cultural journey! The author connects his personal struggle with depression to the broader Covid American Landscape. It’s an aspiring journey and one many of us will relate to!” –Myra Mendible, Professor, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

In 2020, The Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world like a tsunami, uprooting the anchors that create our identities. With his marriage in shambles, Christopher Gajewski was already adrift. He had sold his business, listed his house, and planned to take refuge overseas—from what his friends and family called a midlife crisis.

The lockdown changed everything. Upset that the world’s existential dilemma was interfering with his own, he finally shook free of the Covid hibernation and set off across America…and into himself. Instead of diving into the Adriatic surf, he plunged into a unique and sleeping America. This book is a chronicle of that odyssey: 152 days on the road, to all 50 states, 40,000 miles, and lots of coffee as he wandered into America and himself.

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