Drifting in the Current

The house was sold, the new owners were moving in the following day, and the car was kind of packed–I’d get better at it as I went. I made that last left turn out of my driveway, the right onto my bootlegging back road that would take me into Delaware, and I pushed off into the current of the river that was Covid America.

After months of waiting and preparing, I had no idea where I was going or what I would do.

With the NE shut down and ultra paranoid about Covid, south seemed like a good idea. So, I went south. Not wanting to start my journey passing through the Baltimore and Washington Beltways (aka: the second and first circles of hell respectively), down through Delaware and along the eastern shore of Maryland seemed like my best bet.

Cousins and friends awaited me. And new states to explore. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Asheville, NC, Georgetown, KY, Churchill Downs, Nashville and Memphis. My first major misadventure and long drives alternating between SiriusXM, my playlists, silence and individual albums.

A big thank you to the X Ambassadors, Kaleo and finally Marc Cohn who took me into Memphis. And “Aloha” which helped me get through the misadventure in Memphis.