The project over two years in the making is coming along. I bring you part four: Ghosting Through the South.

This is harder than it looks. All respect to photo editors and photographers.

I took thousands of photos along my odyssey through Covid America. I am going through all of them, picking out the best ones, trying to sift them into something manageable and meaningful, and then labeling them to make the galleries.

Though I am posting one at a time, I have a secret for my website subscribers: I am farther along than this represents. I just thought I would post a part at a time to keep the content going. I am now up to part 9 now with a few more to go.

I did look into adding photos to my book. That is not going to happen. Just adding a few photos pushing the price of the printed copy to beyond ridiculous. It’s already high but with so many people’s fingers in the pie, I am really only getting a sliver. Something else that I am working on.

But I hope you enjoy…