I really need to read that book. I have it. It’s a book my high school professor gave to me a very long time ago. I forget his name and he has since passed, bu I remember the giving. It was not a class assignment, not for a grade, not for anything. He knew me, knew my situation, and gave it to me in a nonchalant way. Read this if you get the chance. I never gave myself the chance.

In Seattle, I got overwhelmed. Over 60 days and close to 14,000 miles on the road and I charged in a brick wall of choices. Alaska is next. It’s always been one of THE destinations. Drive, sail, fly? Different options with too many different variables and pros and cons. My gut tells me to drive, even with the restrictions of both the Canadians and the Alaskans. But?

This happens to me. It has all my life. So I just needed to slow down. Stop. Halt. Desist. low the hell down. It was not a state trooper telling me it. It was my body. So I did.

I’ve been running errands. I met with some friends that I had only known on Facebook. I drug everything out of my car and got it washed inside and out. I’m doing laundry. I got the mandatory Covid test for traveling to Alaska. I needed some supplies. And I puttered around. Tonight, I’ll be going through everything in my hotel room. Time to reorganize. I don’t see myself needing the hiking gear and clothes for 107 degree heat. They’ll get switched out in the car with a full size spare and gas can necessary for the 1300 mile drive to Anchorage.

It’s better to have something you don’t need than to not have something you do need.

Seattle is a beautiful city. I’ve caught glimpses of my many drives across the bridges. It’s a city of bridges and tunnels and highways. Toll bridges so I think I should start that GoFundMe page for toll violations? They should be pouring in anytime now. But I remarked to one native, and they were surprised, that I think I have never seen so much waterfront property. Look at the map. I think all of Seattle is waterfront with all of the rivers, lakes, and islands.

Just the simple drives I have been been doing are amazing to me. Looking out from my friend’s front porch. Crossing the bridge. A ride down the street to the discount tire place. Even without touching upon the touristry “sights,” I’ve been overwhelmed with the place.

But I’m at rest tonight, getting some chores down. I’m not sure if I will do downtown Seattle or not. My gut is telling me not to, just drive through on your way to the Olympic Peninsula tomorrow morning, after rush hour, after I pick up my tire, after a good night’s rest–something that has been eluding me since I made it to the West Coast.

And maybe I’ll pick up a book tonight. John Updike. I think I have Rabbit, Run somewhere in the mess in my hotel room, the first in the series.


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