The Chris Chronicles

The book is NOT finished!

The book that I thought was done is currently undergoing a facelift. There is a new cover and a professional edit in process. I’ll update this when it is ready.

No, the book is not finished but my right ankle is finsihed for a while, 6-8 weeks, and I am stranded in Tijuana while I recover. I could use some help. I invite you to check out the fundraiser I had to start that tells the entire story.



The Coffee Chronicles

This is really where it all began. In 2001, I created a website and started writing columns. It was Pretty and me in an apartment in Maryland, searching for purpose and mercy. Well, I was searching for purpose and mercy; Pretty was searching for new napping places. Pretty now naps beyond the rainbow bridge. Me? Still searching. But I am getting closer to purpose, not so much the mercy.

As I relearn how to adjust my website, I am refocusing away from “An Odyssey Through Covid America.” It is still all here. You can find a link to all of the original material above.

Now? On to next.

I began a podcast, “Let’s Get Naked About Mental Health” where I dive deep into my mental health journey. I try to be an authentic voice to help people understand themselves and loved ones who struggle.

The next book is in progress as well.

I have gotten more into videos and am using social media to have fun and entertain. People find my misadevtures as fun as my adventures. I do as well.

You are welcome to follow along.

The Coffee Chronicles


Episode 1: Diving In

Episode 1: Diving In

It's finished! Kind of. Okay, not quite, but I am getting there. I started my podcast and the first episode is a wrap. It is being hosted on Podbean and I still haven't figured out how to share the direct feed. You can listen to it on their server. Tomorrow, I will...

Into the Darkness

Yes, I have been procrastinating. You would too. A couple years ago, a friend, a psychiatrist, told me to step away from this project. But it is time. I had a funny conversation with another friend a few years back. For some reason, she always imagined me as the...

Into the Deep End

Into the Deep End

Special intro that I will be taking out once I post this. If you are on my email list, you get this automatically. I think. I am wrestling with the email thingie so really have no idea. I am writing again, redoing my website, refocusing it and I'll be adding content...

Morning Reflections

This is just WEIRD. I'm sipping my coffee at 7am. In case you don't know, I'm not a morning person. I have NEVER been a morning person. For 48 years, through grade school, high school, college, jobs and careers, I always slept in--the Drill Sergeants had a little bit...