Old Coffee

Yep, still tinkering.

I can’t for the life of me write “Non-fiction” and be done with it. When I write two words when 1,000 words are possible, I’m just not trying hard enough.

Everything begins with The Coffee Chronicles, that blog I started long ago. It is really a writing exercise, a way to sit down, take off my other hats, put on the hat of the writer and engage the world. But where do they go from there? Can I really handle a blog where everything is just grouped together in a never ending stream? No. So…

Old Coffee is the best I can come up with right now.

Wait a second, Mr. Writer Man! Isn’t that what “A Philadelphia Abroad” is for, a place for the personal essays? –yes, I do talk to myself. Often.– Yes and no. “A Philadelphian Abroad” is me engaging the outside world, and I’ll be sprinkling shorter essays, Glimpses, in with the longer ones.

Coffee Chronicles was never about me engaging the outside world. It was always about that wrestling with the inside world, but I’ll get into that in the various child pages because, yes, I have become a slave to my own need for organization and foundations and putting things away where they belong.

The Column will be where you go to find old columns. Hey, I’ve written a lot of them. 1,000+. At some point, I may even put them in blocks of time like I did with my old website, into months and years.

2 AM Memoirs is the flight of fancy, the writer in flight, dancing through a time when the world sleeps and ideas give him wings. It is glimpses of a dance while the music plays. Will you dance with me?

GInA. Gentler Insanity Anonymous. Here there be dragons. And demons. And the psychosis and neurosis that I decided a long time ago had to be engaged to find help for myself.

And that is all I have for now because I need to take off this hat, feed the cats, and get to work.