I made it to Vermont. You wouldn’t guess, but it’s tricky finding a state. Something about ferries instead of bridges. Aye, at least I didn’t miss the lake.

Just some interesting observations as I almost bumped into Canada. I was about 25 miles away from Montreal at one point and just a couple miles from the border.
All the road signs in NY said “Be safe. Be NY Strong.” That seemed silly to me. In Vermont they say, “Be Safe. Be Smart.” In NY though, EVERYBODY wore masks everywhere that you went. In VT, almost nobody is.
In NY (and in PA), you see “Deer Crossing” signs. In VT, just one word: Moose. So it’s like “oh, let the pretty deer have right of way.” In VT, it’s like “a moose won’t just cause a crushed bumper; it’s going f up your entire life.”
I’m close to souther Vermont now, but I’ll need to head back the way I came I think tomorrow. You’ll see why.
Then I make my beer run.

PS. If I don’t make it back in time, my Pop needs his 12 pack of water dropped off. He still thinks I’m in PA. I just winged it with him instead of the lecture. Can anybody help a guy out?