I crossed the line! I went over 95 as opposed to the dozens of times I’ve traveled it to and from Miami. Then, I was a Yankee in the south. Armed with my US Infantry window sticker and coffee set up…

Oh hell, it was a boring day. Just a lot of driving, with some interesting things that I find interesting but others may not. Most may not. Like crossing that 95 line–where I think I spent the night once a long time ago at a Red Roof Inn. Stopping at the rest area in North Carolina. Watching the heat climb to 97 and then plummet to 75 with the storm, along with visibility. Passing through all of the cities I knew by their college basketball teams.

Charlotte, NC. Everybody wearing a mask, except inside at all of the open bars and restaurants? I’ll be crossing over into South Carolina tomorrow (about 10 miles) to meet with an old, old friend for coffee. Then a NW route.

Packing for travel is an art. I’m still scribbling outside of the lines, sort of like a first graders try at Picasso. Trying to whittle down what I need to bring into the hotels. Have to figure out my GoPro for tomorrow–it’s a surprise. A part of me wondering what the hell I’m doing in Charlotte? Still trying to figure out this new computer. Definitely have to stop making hotel reservations until I get to where I’m going because I really don’t know where I’ll end up. Just shaking off the dust, working out the kinks an creaks and snafus.


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