So what’s the last thing that goes through a bug’s mind as it hits the windshield? It’s ass. I have a lot of ass on my windshield. Ice scraper?
But now to go find a cup of coffee and a bathroom.
Home of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics! Home to A Miracle on Ice!
Coffee sucks and the museum is, of course, closed. America is closed. Now I know how the Griswald’s felt when they arrived at Wally World(?). Nothing I wasn’t expecting though.
Up through highways and byways and mountain roads. Cities and small towns and even smaller places that I can’t even call a town. Beautiful country though and the locals know it. All along the byways and mountain roads, the pull off points are packed. Hikers know. The streams and waterfalls.
Coffee Chronicles? I’m getting to it. It’s hard to write while on the road: something else to reconsider for the longer journey. But the columns are inside my head. Weighing Anchor, The Boys of Summer, The X “Embassasors” Factor.
But I’m off to Vermont now (or is it New Hampshire?). I want to make across Lake Champlain during the day and see if there is a pull off point.
I heard they have some good coffee over there.