Yep, still tinkering.

I have over 1,000 columns for Coffee Chronicles. Many of them are, well, crap. They are an exploration of the landscape of my mind, trying to find a way out of depression, anxiety and the gentler insanities that ruled my life for so many years.

What do you know? It worked.

I always felt that there was a book in there. That if I could find a way in, an introduction, a way to begin, I could distill all of those columns into something useful other people could use instead of the haphazard ramblings of a coffee infused jaunt through insanities. The 12th step, so to speak, spreading awareness and offering hope and areas of introspection.

I think I have written about 20 of the damn things.

Here is one of them—if I create the link right. But you can find it in my tinkering of pages under Old Coffee.

I’m just not sure about this one. I scraped together a few other introductions, a column, and threw in some Dante for good measure to create what just may be chapter 1. It’s alive!

–or it could be that waste of paper the editor tears off the front of the book manuscript and says, “the book starts after this mess.”

Here it is:

Chris’ Inferno

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