Yes, Ive been slacking on my columns. And the website in general. Alaska has me “off.” A lot of fast traveling and so much to do and see in a short time. Today is really the first day I have access to internet. I am about to start uploading and downloading hundreds of pictures. There are at least 3-4 columns coming.

Yesterday, I pushed through and made the drive from Homer to Fairbanks. Close to 600 miles. With stops, about 14 hours.

I need to rest. And explore Fairbanks and find those mystical hot springs.

More is coming soon but I wanted to say hello and that I haven’t forgotten. There is just too much to write and too many pictures to post. I’ve been scratching the surface on Facebook and Instagram, but it is the subscribers here that I want to do more for.

Now, a desperately needed shower while all those pictures start downloading and uploading.

Aloha from almost as far north as I’ll get here in the US.