Yes, yes, yes: I was spacing out these posts section by section. But then the project got away from me. And it was a project! Maybe I went a little overboard? But I wanted to wrap this up to move on to the next projects. I am working on the third (and possibly final) version of the book with a new cover and some interior photos. –input from experts.

But going through the photos was a journey in and of itself. I took thousands, and that doesn’t include the GoPro photos that I never really got the hang of using. I whittled it down, and then whittled it down some more. I tried using the photos that capture the essence of the story.

I thought I was cooking along pretty well, one section of photos for one section of the book. Then, I got to the longer sections of the books and that is when everything went to hell. So, you will see “this section” part 1, 2 and sometimes 3.

But now back to editing, the cover, a little bit more photo work and then I will be diving into the next projects.

I hope you enjoy!

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